Consider Becoming a Member

To assist you in making your decision, the Center offers free Membership Orientation Class to introduce you to the structure and vision of the Center and the expectations and benefits of membership. Whether or not you become a member, you are welcome to attend these orientation classes.

My Personal Check List: Am I Ready?

1. I have completed the Foundational Course or I have attended Services regularly (missing very few weeks) for six months or more.

2. I have served as a volunteer at the Center for Spiritual Living in the past 6 months.

(Although the above is not required for membership, it is strongly recommended that prospective new members take adequate time to learn about the Science of Mind and about the volunteer opportunities at the Center as a way of becoming familiar with the culture before committing to membership.

3. I have made, or I am planning to make, a pledge to contribute financially to the Center by completing a pledge card and by giving in an identifiable manner. (Financial contribution is a condition of membership. Annual pledge cards give you the opportunity to let the Staff and Board know what your approximate contribution for each calendar year will be. The amount of your contribution is personal to you and there is no minimum or maximum contribution.)

4. I am ready to commit to attending the Annual Membership Gathering which is the business meeting of the Center.

5. I understand that attendance at the three weekly Member Orientation Classes is mandatory.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member.