About Us

We are a non-religious spiritual community  that reveals the love, power, and presence of  the Divine. We teach practical spiritual  principles for living a rich and deep life.

Our mission is to support you in living a  fulfilled and loving life. We do this by teaching  spiritual principles, tools and practices in a  contemporary way, making them easy to  access and apply while building a community  dedicated to love, acceptance and  transformation in the world. We recognize  you as whole, perfect and complete.

Rev. Marigene De Rusha is the Senior Minister of The Center for Spiritual Living in St. Louis, MO and has also served on the National Clergy Council of the United Church of Religious Science, the largest Religious Science organization in the world. She is one of the most colorful, humorous and dynamic speakers, thrilling listeners through impassioned talks, on spirituality, New Thought, Religious Science, Relationships, Living life and universal love. Rev. Marigene is one of the most beloved of ministers in the Religious Science movement. Many consider her to be one of the most “alive” speakers on the subject of conscious living in the world today.

Our Leadership Council

Our mission is to help transform lives through service, education and tools for daily living.

At CSL St. Louis we have a Leadership Council, similar to a Board of Trustees.

This is our Leadership Council as of May 2017:

Marigene De Rusha, Senior Minister (314-303-6702)


Carol Scott, President



Joani Alsop
Joani Alsop, Vice President



Patrice TenBroek
Patrice TenBroek, Treasurer




  Marcia Walton, Member