Dr. Luzette’s Workshops


1) A client of mine at CNM had been grieving for 33 years the loss of her husband.  She had 4 children, the youngest 8 months when he died suddenly!

 (They walked up a hill to a concert and sat down in their chairs.  When she looked at him he was slumped over, he died of a brain stroke.  She came to me because she had her older daughter asking questions about her dad.  She had never been able to talk about him in all those years because it was too painful!  She knew she had to do something about her grief so she could share all the good times they had together.  He was a Dentist and very active and creative.  They were in the midst of building a large, new home.)

Yes, she went through a lot of pain and loss, even of the home that she couldn’t manage.  She survived and was able to successfully raise her large family.   She told me she knew she had been numb all those years.  She would like to have a male relationship but never could have one.

Taking her through the grief process was a sacred experience

 She felt his presence and cried tears of hello.  She heard him say where have you been?  She was so happy to be in her body.  She felt the chemical experience of being home in her own body.

 Saw Jean again, 6 months later, she dropped 30 lbs., felt so good about her resolution of grief and had shared many good stories with her family of their relationship!

2) Tristan’s story of his father’s sudden death when he was 17: It had been 2 years, he was now 19 years old when he came to me.

First, I took him through conflict integration of wanting to (yes) resolve the grief and no to resolution, and then the sacred grief process.  He wanted to go off the anti depressant pills. He worked with his doctor, and did indeed succeed in going off the pills and resolving his grief, so he could think of his dad and be happy. He came for 10 more sessions, had success with everything he wanted, and at the last one he was going to London for a work study for college, he had a little anxiety, which I helped him resolve. Two months later, his mother called to tell me he was told he had had a neurological disorder that could never be changed. All doctors and literature she read said it was cast in stone! She re-tested him after our sessions, and he no longer had the problem!!

From that first session helping the part of him wanted to resolve the grief, brought about his peace of his father, and the ability to make A’s in English and Psychology, resolve his allergies to dogs and everything outside, have friends, even a girlfriend,  let go of his suicidal thoughts, be free of the old relationship with his mother, and have a successful life!

3)  Barbara, age 66, a client of mine at the healing cancer center  at Center For New Medicine, she had breast cancer. After working with her with the evox, a bio feedback machine for helping her change her perceptions of her emotions, this would  help to heal her breast cancer, grief kept coming up for her to heal. She said she thought of her parents every day for 40 years, since they had died. We had one private session, I helped her resolve the grief with my loving, sacred and easy process.

Afterwards she wrote me: “I wanted to thank you  for the wonderfully healing sessions.  They made a big difference; quite amazing, really.  I feel very peaceful about my parents and the grief is gone. On the medical side, we’ll have blood test results back in a few weeks and  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  Thank you so much again.”
Looking forward to her results, She had much excitement and great surprise in her blood count lowering, to 4 from 47Š.contributing it to our sessions more than any other methods!

The Center for Spiritual Living


Healing The Heart of Grief

               ~ From Grief to Gratitude ~

Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald

Grief is a painful emotional reaction to loss due to death or separation. We grieve over the loss of people, places, things, activities, dreams and more.  Grief, like a broken heart, is typically felt in the chest as emptiness and concavity.  In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to resolve your grief in a sacred and safe space.  You will learn how to continue loving and honoring your beloved who has made his or her transition, or is no longer with you for whatever reason.  Come on this gentle, sacred journey ~ open your heart, and love even more, while embracing true peace of mind.


  • How to Heal the Loss of Loved Ones
  • How to Heal the Loss of a Dream
  • How to Recognize the Gifts of Grief
  • How to Accept and Resolve Grief

Dates/Times:  April 22, 2017 • Saturday • 10am to 5pm


12875 Fee Fee Road, Creve Coeur, MO  63146

Investment:  Special $85 in advance.  $125 at the door.

Registration:  Call CSL at 314-576-6772

Private Sessions:  Rev. Dr. Luzette is available from 9 to 5 on April 24 and 25th at CSLSL  

                              Call her for an appointment at 714-319-8939.

Written and Presented by Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald:

Rev. Dr. Luzette teaches with compassion and joy, creating a safe and loving environment for authentic change.  She lovingly presents her seminars on the mind and Spirituality throughout the world.  She combines a deep understanding of the human mind with the profound Spiritual teachings of Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind.  She is an Ordained Minister and Certified Master Trainer in the Destination¨ Method.  The Destination¨ Method is a gentle transpersonal activity, which uses various tools, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a field of study that examines human behavior, cognition and subjective experience), to resolve unnecessary human suffering. All of her work is based on the metaphysical principle that God is all there is and that all beings are innocent.  RevLuzette@yahoo.com