Your Hero’s Journey

Sunday, February 19th

1:00 – 3:00 PM

We are all heroes.  We came to the earth with a specific mission and as we pursue it we are enriched and we enrich those around us.  What is your mission and what is the best way to complete it?  This is what we will explore in this workshop.


Jean Walters has been a Saint Louis based teacher of self-empowerment principles for over thirty years. She has studied metaphysics extensively and applies universal principles to every area of her life. Walters has written weekly and monthly columns for major Saint Louis newspapers and publications and been published all over the United States.

Walters has designed and presented classes and workshops in empowerment, meditation, universal laws, dream interpretation, and strengthening intuition for organizations, colleges, universities, spiritual groups, and businesses around the Midwest.
She has been presented the “Best Psychic in Saint Louis” Award for 8 years.

From her Saint Louis office, she works with people around the world as a Transformational Coach and Akashic Record reader. She has given over 35,000 readings with the emphasis on providing insight regarding personal growth, life purpose, strengthening relationships, and moving through obstacles.


Call 314-576-6772 to register or sign up in the Rising Thought Bookstore.