Healing Share

Quantum Healing

Next Healing Share meets February 26.


• This is a FREE event, but a Love Offering is Appreciated

5:30: Gather. Some snack foods will be provided. Please feel free to bring some additional munchies/snacks to share.

6:00: Healing Circle Begins. Introductions, Announcements

6:15  Presentation

6:45  Break up into small healing sessions.

This is an informal Energy Healing gathering to discuss and share different healing modalities. This group is open to ALL HEALING MODALITIES …. for Energy Workers to share what they do and Seekers to learn about Energy Healing. Please Come, Share and Learn.



The Divine Still White LIGHT of Mind centers, balances, and extends its creative power to all physical, polarized expressions. To access this creative cosmic powerhouse, one only needs to synch into the cosmic rhythms with BREATH and tune in with the resonate power of SHAPE.

This evening’s meditation will guide you through your major states of awareness and vibrational gateways (Chakras) with Brainwave Entrainment Music and several breathing techniques. The clinically tested music balances brain functioning for more creative insight, emotional integration, and profound relaxation and rejuvenation.

The other worldly deep chanting sounds of Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon will lend support for the journey as we explore the elements and the geometries of your subtle anatomy. Several different Pranayama and Swara yoga breathing techniques will facilitate this cosmic flow of vital life force, amplified with chanting, and focused on a group thought projection of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You may experience a very deep, blissful state during or afterwards. You may experience emotional release. You may integrate parts of yourself you have been neglecting. You may LET GO. You may converse with inter-dimensioanl intelligences. You may experience deep body vibrations. You may experience YOURSELF! Be open to the possibilities.

WHAT TO BRING: A warm smile, open mind, and radiant heart. Bring something soft to sit on, blankets, & yoga mats. We welcome crystals, stones, essential oils, sacred geometry …. Bring whatever you use to create your own sacred space to synergetically co-create our altar and crystal grid to amplify our intentions and energetic flows. LOVE DONATIONS appreciated.

A little about John Echel: I have been holding breathwork and brainwave entrainment meditations for the STL Moon Tribe for the past two years. The meditations are embedded with subtle energy technologies researched by my movement Aetherforce.com such as Biogeometry and Radionics.

Rhythm and Harmony acts as Wave-Guides to Stillness


Fee:  Donation offering (suggested donation $5 or more to keep this meetup going).

Following introductions and the presentation, we will break up into small groups or one-on-one for mini healing sessions.

a Big Thank You to all Healing Practitioners who choose to give mini healing sessions to interested attendees. You are SO APPRECIATED!!