The science of whose mind?

Dr. Ernest Holmes

The science of whose mind?

The answer depends on the individual’s level of comprehension.

In 1929 Dr. Ernest Holmes introduced the awareness of consciousness, known throughout history as “mysticism”, found in all the major orthodox religions, available to most of humanity.

Dr. Ernest Holmes exploded on the American scene, exposing a spiritual synthesis in his Science of Mind textbook that rocked the world.

He used the archetypal patterns of Plato as the source of all creation, and the teleology exposed by Aristotle as monism signifying evolutionary creation.

He declared the unconscious mind of Freud to be the two aspects of God; 1. the transcendental spiritual source of unlimited potential as the unconscious, and 2. the immanent psychological source that expresses human behavior as the conscious individualized human being.

He linked the individual conscious awareness of Jung, which he called the Self as both the responsible and the empowered aspect of the person,capable of discovering his or her nature that was formerly worshiped as a God of dualism (theism and deism).

Dr. Ernest Holmes, by example, that Universal Mind and the Individual Mind are One and the same Mind. He showed us how and why thinking and feeling create wise or unwise results in one’s current life experiences.

Dr. Ernest Holmes, the man, his life, his writings, and his behavior were, and continue to be, absolutely AWESOME!